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Location based services (LBS) - possibilities

Information about location based services (LBS) and possible application fields in many industries.

Location based services (LBS), location based advertising and location based marketing are terms which are quite similar to each other. They stand for mobile functions which use the position of a device to send the user selected relevant information or ads. One example: A visitor of a shopping center has the center’s app installed on his smartphone. Based on his previous behavior and preferences, it can suggest certain shops nearby. Those shops can send the user special offers and coupons when he passes by.

Well designed and executed, this kind of marketing is rewarding for all involved parties: The customer receives useful information and coupons. The store gets new customers and retains regular customers. Location based marketing is suitable for the retail sector, for example in shopping centers, trade fairs, airports, railway stations etc. The operators of the places can also make use of the technology by sending non-commercial messages, for example concerning POI data or up-to-date traveler information. Augmented reality elements can even enhance the experience.


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