Indoor navigation: solutions Use cases and examples

Instore navigation - deploying indoor navigation in the retail sector

Instore navigation can increase sales and improve customer satisfaction

Indoor position determination is an important consideration for retail – indoor navigation helps clients find their way in large supermarkets and malls via app. But the technology is equally suitable for public buildings with shopping areas, such as airports and railway stations. Depending on the application case, positioning is realized with the help of beacons, Wi-Fi or VLC.

Increasing sales and customer satisfaction with the help of instore navigation

Shopping apps are not limited to guiding customers to products. These are the most important features:

  • Instore navigation Clients can look for products or POIs in the app and see the way in a map. It is also possible to let the customer create a shopping list and show him the fastest way to all products.
  • Analysis and tracking Retailers can measure visitor flows and track objects (for example shopping carts). That way, they can analyze the visitors’ behavior and optimize their offers.
  • Location based advertising Based on interests and position, advertisements and coupons are being sent to the clients’ smartphones, which can lead to considerably increased sales.
  • Fast checkout The checkout process is simplified. Standing in line and unloading the goods at the cash desk isn’t necessary anymore. Personnel workload is reduced.
  • Information about products By scanning a product, customers get information about the goods and the price. During shopping they always see the total price.


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