Indoor navigation: knowledge Most important questions

What does a good indoor navigation system look like?

Find out what it needs to install a successful indoor navigation system and which position technology is right for you.

The number of providers of indoor navigation systems has increased extremely in the last couple of years. To find which system fits your needs best, there are some recommendations.

  • Indoor navigation systems must be scalable. That is to say at least the number of users, the size of the space and the frequency of position requests must be flexible. Otherwise the system will be overstrained quickly.
  • Furthermore, a good system has a convincing and easy to use backend, which for example monitors beacons (beacon management systems) and displays real time data such as visitor flows and heatmaps.
  • Moreover, data protection plays a major role. The company should pay attention to that topic.
  • Most, but not all indoor navigation systems require a special smartphone app which the user can profit from enormously. Systems which include an app give you the possibility to communicate with the user (back channel). For example you can send hin coupons or messages.
  • It is crucial which technology is being used (Wi-Fi, beacons, VLC…), it depends on the infrastructure and other requirements (for example accuracy needed) which one is best.
  • You have to decide weather you want your system to work client-based or server-based.
  • The system should be able to work intermodally - that is to say seamlessly inside and outside buildings
  • Your indoor navigatipon system should provide interfaces to third party programs - for example for booking conference rooms, finding a parking space or getting timetable information.
  • It should be possible to integrate maps into any system, such as apps and websites.

Do you have any further questions?

Do you have any further questions?

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