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Location based marketing: for whom is it suitable?

For which industries and application fields is location based marketing suitable? Find out here.

Location Based Marketing is suitable for all industries that want to offer their clients, patients, passengers, partners and employees better service inside buildings. Airports, railway stations, trade fairs, shopping malls, museums, hospitals, offices and industry areas are some institutions which can benefit from it. Companies can also directly profit from Location Based Marketing: LBS can raise the length of stay, increase revenue, reduce staff workload and offer interesting insights into visitor profiles.

Examples of location based marketing:

  • Data enrichment: Customers who have an app installed, are anonymously assigned special tags based on their behaviour, for example "hungry", "interested in drugstores", "has visited Basel central station", "male"
  • Customers with certain interests and behaviours can be sent push notifications, when passing by a store that might be of interest, for example a coupon
  • Push notifications should be used carefully and can also contain non-commercial information, for example opening hours, current waiting times or events
  • Through the findings obtained, the operators can learn more about their customers/visitors and draw conclusions for their marketing activities


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